Super Bowl commercials: T-Mobile uses Justin Bieber, Rob Gronkowski, and Terrell Owens

Bieber -While Terrell Owens for some inexplicable reason didn’t make it into the NFL Hall of Fame this weekend, he at least got a hefty paycheck for something else: Getting to be one of the stars for the latest Super Bowl commercial for T-Mobile. The phone giant unleashed one of their new big ads for the game today, and it features both the NFL icon alongside a current superstar in Rob Gronkowski and also a pop superstar in Justin Bieber.

The idea is simple: Giving you unlimited everything, just as some of best players have unlimited moves in celebration of their work on the field.

What worked – Great use of star power in between the three different superstars. Meanwhile, the #UnlimitedMoves hashtag offers viewers an incentive to get involved even to the point of getting a chance to catch Bieber’s attention following the game. It advertises the brand, while also makes people want to get up and move themselves. For T-Mobile, they’re constantly looking for new ways to innovate in their advertising. This commercial does a great job of leveraging social media.

What didn’t – The correlation between unlimited minutes / data / everything else for T-Mobile and unlimited moves is a little bit flimsy, mostly because it’s technically a penalty in the NFL to celebrate excessively. Maybe if this ad came about back when the NFL actually wanted their players to have fun, it’d be a little bit more relevant.

Overall – It’s not a perfect ad by any means, but without really going for comedy this is one of the best things that T-Mobile could’ve come up with. Bieber’s grown up now and he doesn’t have the same stigma around him he once did; it’s nice to see him having a bit of fun here, and the social aspect of this ad could make it a player for weeks to come. Grade: B.

What did you think of the ad? Share now in the comments, and head over here to get some other commercials from the big game! (Photo: T-Mobile.)

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