‘Shark Tank’ review: Little Nomad, The Kooler, DBest Products, and RinseKit

Shark tank -Tonight, “Shark Tank” came back with some different products promising to either innovative solutions to problems. Some of them are bringing ideas that make certain problems easier to solve. Meanwhile, others are all about aesthetics. Either way, there’s a lot to dive into here, including some fun entertainment!

As always, we’re reviewing this episode LIVE, so be sure to check back throughout the night for a little bit more information on each one of the brands, including links to their official websites if you are interested in more.

The Kooler – Sometimes, being great in “Shark Tank” is all about understanding and defying expectations. Going into this episode, it would have been very easy to label this a “niche product” run by some muscle-guy who is all about the gym. What we learned instead was that the White Rhino was very smart, and understood exactly what he was doing with this cooler, which is ideal for people at the gym with their waters and their protein shakes and everything else that they’ve got going on. Maybe this won’t appeal to everyday people who aren’t at the gym, but there’s still a big market out there. Daymond John made him an offer, and he was smart enough to bite.

Little Nomad – The idea here is a foam pad for kids that doesn’t look like an eyesore. It does look very nice, but at the same time, there were many problems. For one, it seems incredibly expensive given what it is. Meanwhile, at the same time we also don’t think colorful foam mats are the worst thing ever. Most people understand why this stuff is in children’s homes, and it’s going to be hard getting people to transition over to this just because this looks better. Also, it’s extremely early. No deal.

RinseKit – How is this as a portable hose or shower? That seems to be the idea behind it — a way to allow people to be a little bit more active and enjoy their surroundings more than they’ve gotten a chance to do in the past. We really do think that this could be a home run, which is probably why it was so easy to understand why they got so many offers. Eventually, they also went with Daymond after he made them such an amazing offer! It was enough make them choose this deal.

DBest Products – Otherwise known as a Smart Cart, or at least that was the product being marketed. It’s basically a way for him to build a better mousetrap when it comes to a bag that is lightweight, can hold a lot, and can be put away easily. Despite a pretty corny name, the product itself was a clear winner with plenty of sales. This guy also has the ultimate personality of the sort of guy you throw onto an infomercial. He’ll get the job done!

In the Tank, there was certainly a little bit of back and forth that went on. However, in the end he got a “Dream Team” deal featuring both Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner. It was far more money than he wanted to give up, but he couldn’t pass up the line of credit to finance more orders.

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