5 Stars who could replace Frank Reagan if Tom Selleck leaves ‘Blue Bloods’

Blue Bloods season 7“Blue Bloods” is returning on Friday night with a new episode and another look at how the cops keep the streets safe. One of the few shows which focuses on family, faith and being a police officer, the unique show has built up an audience that tunes in every week.

There isn’t any indication that Tom Selleck is leaving the show (we just want to say that before the rumors start flying), and every viewer who loves the show certainly hopes Tom doesn’t go, but if Selleck did decide to depart, the question of who would fill his shoes would need to be answered.

Obviously a commanding character, it could be an actor, man (or woman), who would be running the entire force with balance and poise. Plus, a connection to the viewers must be embraced immediately. The placement of this character might need to have a strong police story or a connection to the Reagan family. Now, if all those elements were figured out, the question is who would be great for this job (and continue on in Reagan’s shoes)?

Denis Leary

Known for his acting roles within the law enforcement community, Leary would be an interesting choice. Everyone would worry he might swear a little too much, but it’s set in New York City so it probably won’t be that big of a deal.

Gina Torres

Getting to the top doesn’t have to be a man’s job. Another strong character actor that would outstanding for this series is Gina Torres. Granted, she currently seen on “Suits,” but she might be willing to trade in her attorney’s character hat for a police uniform on prime time.

Simon Baker

After a popular run with “The Mentalist” fans haven’t seen much of Simon Baker. He’s captured once in awhile by the paparazzi in France, but rarely on TV. He definitely could do a fantastic job as a character on “Blue Bloods”.

Sean Bean

Known best for his part in “The Lord of the Rings,” and “Game of Thrones” this English actor has captured the hearts of fans around the world. Ruggedly handsome and still cleans up real nice, he probably could match Selleck as a forceful character in his own unique way.

Donnie Wahlberg

Already part of the show, he might be the next in command in New York City if his pops decides to step down. While most fans would be disappointed that Tom Selleck was gone, the viewers would turn in to see Wahlberg fill his shoes.

Thankfully there is no sign of Frank Reagan’s departure, so no need to worry about changes any time soon, but keep this list handy in case “Blue Bloods” fans are offered up a surprise.

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