‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 13, episode 10 preview: Prison nerves

Prison -

Thursday night’s new episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” is a mere matter of a day away, and let’s just say that this is going to be a different installment than most others. The majority of the hour is going to be spent outside of the hospital in a different setting, and focusing only on three characters in Jo, Arizona, and Bailey. While there is potential that some stories will be left on the back-burner as a result, there may be enough compelling drama within the hour to make up for it.

The latest sneak peek below via ABC is all about the arrival, and some of the apprehension that the doctors have about being in a prison to care for a dangerous patient. The facial reactions on the three women really speak for themselves. Arizona looks slightly unnerved being there, Bailey already looks ready to leave, and Jo doesn’t seem to be all that shaken up by this at all. When you think about Jo in particular and what she’s been through, it does feel like she probably would be the least unnerved about being there.

Of course, the irony to all of this is that none of the doctors have actually had a chance to meet their patient yet. This is still something that will be awaiting them, and we have a feeling that this could cause even more anxiety. As a matter of fact, the other preview for this episode we’ve seen all but guarantees it.

So what could the takeaway be for this episode? The hope here is that these characters may end up learning something that they can apply to their lives at the hospital, or at the very least start to understand a little bit more about what life is really like for both the doctors and the patients here. Odds are, everyone is dealing with some preconceived notions.

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