‘Suits’ season 6, episode 11 review: Rachel’s offer; meet the new boss

Suits -USA’s “Suits” certainly kept you waiting to see the aftermath of Jessica Pearson’s departure, but on Wednesday night, it arrived with a crash. This was not a move that the firm was prepared for at all.

The strongest component to the winter premiere, to us, was witnessing the power frenzy between Louis Litt and Harvey Specter in order to determine who was going to be running the ship. Both of them have a history of not getting along with others, but their approaches are different. Louis is the bulldog that attacks you in the middle of the street, while in the case of Harvey, he is the cat who sneaks in and messes with your stuff while you’re distracted dealing with the bulldog. Maybe this is a weird analogy.

Anyhow, Louis tried to seize power of the firm, and immediately went on a tear of not listening to anyone to the point where he nearly destroyed one of the only good relationships they had left with Robert Zane, who had introduced the concept of joining forces. Louis misread the offer and instead went into full “poach people from Zane” mode. Louis made a mess, but luckily, it was one that he could clean up somewhat — but in the process, he realized that Harvey was the better man for the job.

The one undisputed great move that we saw Louis make near the end of the episode was realizing that he couldn’t let Rachel go. He knew that there were firms with a better reputation out there waiting for her (including her father’s), so let’s just say that he made her the best possible offer and she accepted!

As for Harvey, he’s starting to realize that in order to be the best person (and leader) he can, there’s one thing he has to do: Get right with his family.

The state of Mike Ross – It’s a mighty good thing that Rachel has this offer, given that things for now are not going swimmingly for our recently-released convict. He was ready to fulfill the promise that he made to try and do some good in the world. Unfortunately, nobody seemed altogether ready or interested to go on that journey with him. What he experienced instead was a version of many different doors being slammed in his face, largely because of the fact that he served time.

Eventually he was able to return to the church, where he spent a little bit of time with Father Sam Walker and received an offer for a teaching job. Unfortunately, it is one that went up in smoke the moment one of the students ratted out his story to their parents. It’s a shame, since he actually had figured out a way to bond with them by telling them what he went through.

There is one job that Mike absolutely does not want to take at the moment, and that is one back at the firm. Harvey’s offered it up to him on a silver platter, and even though there are not exactly too many other offers out there for him, he still continues to refuse it.

The state of other romances – There don’t seem to be many problems for Louis and Tara, outside of the problems that Louis makes for himself by being so intense. As for all of the Harvey and Donna fans out there, the opening minutes of the episode were awesome and downright cruel at the same time. You started to think that it was finally going to happen! Alas, not so much.

Overall – You can still feel the gaping hole that is there and left by the departure of Jessica. Gina Torres is tremendous, and there’s something missing without that leadership. Yet, at the same time “Suits” will find its way. There was nary a shakeup on this show in terms of its main cast for years; this change, as sad as it is, may eventually breathe some interesting life into the dynamics at the firm. Everything we’re seeing so far both makes sense for where these characters are and is extremely entertaining to watch. Grade: B+.

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