‘Arrested Development’ season 5 may feature prequel element; are they making a ‘huge mistake’?

Arrested -We’ve all been wanting to see the fifth season of “Arrested Development” for a long time now, but one of the biggest hangups surrounding it has been waiting to see who could come back from its enormous cast and how long they’d be available. Think about the schedules of people like Will Arnett, Portia de Rossi, Tony Hale, and Jeffrey Tambor. They’re all series regulars on other shows, and then you have other people like Jessica Walter and Michael Cera with movie careers.

Thanks to all of this, you do have to find interesting ways in which to make things work. For the fourth season, what we saw the show do is separate many of the character storylines into various chunks. For example, you’ll get an episode about George Michael, and episode about Gob, and an episode about Buster. There were little moments here and there that these would cross over, and that’s about it.

According to a new report coming in from TVLine, what the show could be doing for the fifth season is a little bit different. While it is not official or certain, we could see a prequel element to the story where part of the upcoming season could feature younger actors playing different versions of the characters. This could be interesting, but only if the show finds absolutely the right version of some of the people to play these roles. There are some shows that don’t need to utilize star power as a means to get more attention, but if you’re going to take away from the established stars here, you need to have something good to back it up, and a hook that doesn’t make people think that they are getting a lesser version of the same thing.

If you don’t have these big names, why wouldn’t the show just consider doing something where they order a smaller season and make the cast schedule work with that? We’re fine with just five or six episodes if it gets the entire gang back together.

What do you think about this idea: Is it smart, terrible, or somewhere in between? Share your thoughts with a comment, and head over to the link here for some further news when it comes to the series. (Photo: Netflix.)

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