As the ‘Sherlock’ season 5 hiatus presses on, why not engage in some reflection?

Sherlock season 4This Sunday is the first of many Sundays to come since the end of “Sherlock” season 4, and the idea of that is still something rather difficult to grasp. This is a series that has done a rather tremendous job over time of telling fantastic stories, and they all do tend to go by quickly because of the structure of the show. Basically, we’ve had six hours of content for the show in the past three years, and that is spread over the course of four days.

Now, we continue to venture into the great unknown. There is no season 5 confirmed, and nor do we expect there to be one anytime soon. This is a series that ended on a definite enough note that there should be no pressure to bring it back. Yet, even with this statement, we are well aware of the potential for Benedict Cumberbatch to be asked about it at every single press event that he does for movies over the next couple of years. Maybe once it gets to 2019, people will start to forget about it if there is no more buzz at this point about an upcoming season.

While we do spend so much time in waiting, there is little to do beyond reflect over what has transpired. This is what the new video below is largely all about. In it, you can see a wide array of different reactions to big finale entitled “The Final Problem,” an episode that is loved by some and disputed by others. We would not argue that this episode, and the one that came before it in “The Lying Detective,” may have overdosed at times in their craziness. Yet, at the same time they were also entertaining and delightfully twisted.

If the show comes back, we imagine the series being just as polarizing as these final episodes were. Let’s put it this way: Once you open the door to some of these potentially crazy outcomes and dramatics, is there any way to to close it again?

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