‘Celebrity Big Brother 19’ Sunday: Nicola McLean, Spencer Pratt, and more of the same


Celebrity Big Brother” may be one of the biggest rollercoaster series out there on television. When things are great, they are more entertaining than almost any other show that is out there. When things are bad, they’re dreadful.

Alas, watching Jedward jump around in a ball pit is not our idea of fun. Also, we’re missing Chloe Ferry. It’s not that we agreed with the majority of the stuff she did in the house, but at least she was doing something other than dwelling over petty stuff. Why are we still going on with Nicola McLean and Spencer Pratt anymore? What’s the point of this? We get it that Speidi got the eternal nomination for the remainder of the season, but Stephen Bear¬†won this past season despite the twist. It’s not like somebody drug Spencer out in the middle of the street and publicly shamed her a la Cersei in “Game of Thrones.”

This is a show that, when things get boring, lives and dies by the twists and the tasks. Unfortunately, the ones that we had tonight were duller than one of those pencils the teacher gives you during a test. When some guy taking his clothes off is considered entertainment in 2017, we’re really not getting anywhere, are we?

Here’s the biggest surprise of all of the night: Even Kim Woodburn didn’t attack anyone? We suppose that the emergence of Nicola as more of a presence this season is the one thing that has come out of the past two episodes, but we don’t think that she is dynamic enough to carry this show. Meanwhile, Spencer’s great when he is doing some sort of crazy antics in the house, but not when he’s harping on the same thing time and time again.

The “cliffhanger” for tonight’s episode was Jamie O’Hara getting angry, mostly because he was being ignored … so there’s that.

Can we get an eviction soon? Can you bring someone else into the house to mix things up? This show needs to do something, since given that this is an all-star season, we’re expecting a higher level of entertainment than what we’re getting at present.

What did you think about Sunday’s episode? Are you getting more with the current drama?¬†Let us know below, and head over here to get some more news on “Celebrity Big Brother” right now. (Photo: Channel 5.)

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