‘Girl Meets World’ series finale review: Topanga’s decision; Riley meets the world

Girl Meets World -There is an odd sort of poetry to “Girl Meets World” ending on the same day as a Presidency. If you take politics aside for a moment, the reality is that there is a group of people out there who feel a sense of great sadness over seeing a major part of their lives end. They come to identify with this particular period of time, they found comfort in it, and there is a fear present for the unknown.

With the show now coming to an end, we are now left in a situation where we are feeling the same thing. So many young people out there identified with these characters and wonder how they are going to move forward without them to relate to. It was an escape from their everyday lives, while at the same time a way to take some lessons to apply back to them. Unfortunately, we all must now move forward, and face a world that is a little more unknown — but one that still has some hope. You just have to fight to find it.

The story of the episode itself brought these themes full circle. For most of the episode, Riley feared as though her mother Topanga was going to take a job in London that would uproot her family and bring great change to her life. She started to say goodbye to all of her friends, and accept the fact that while she was terribly distraught over the thought of saying goodbye, at the same time there could be something good that could come from a new experience.

Luckily for her, this is still she doesn’t have to face — at least not yet. Topanga decided to stay, knowing that this was the place she felt the most like herself and the most whole; therefore, Riley could continue to live her life with her friends and continue to grow as a person in the process. There were many fun moments in here with her and some of the other main cast members, especially Lucas and Maya. There were also some very entertaining meta moments — seeing both Morgans interchanged as though they both somehow existed was pretty hysterical, and a great Easter egg for many of the fans of the original show.

This finale was heartfelt, and while a tad rushed, it was understandable given the circumstances. The most important thing is that it allowed Riley to understand that no matter what happens, she has the power to take on the world — and so do viewers at home. A great ending to a series that should have lasted longer. Grade: A-.

For those of you who are feeling especially nostalgic, we’ve enclosed below a song that was a senior song when we were in high school. For some reason, the themes and the story of this episode really caused us to reflect and think back to it.

What was your take on the “Girl Meets World” finale? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Meanwhile, be sure to head over here if you want to examine what the odds are that the show could find a new home somewhere else. (Photo: Disney Channel.)

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