‘Celebrity Big Brother 19’: Who was nominated for Friday eviction?


There are two key points of emphasis on today’s edition of “Celebrity Big Brother” in the UK, and they each serve one purpose more than anything else: Trying to determine precisely who should be leaving the house at the end of the day.

For the sake of this article, let’s talk nominations, which were done in a way that was extremely reminiscent of the old game show “Friend or Foe.” The superheroes / sidekicks in the house had to select precisely whether or not they wanted to press a button. If either a hero or their sidekick pressed it, they’d be safe and the other person would be up for eviction. If neither person pressed it, they would both be immune.

The fact that we saw Jedward and Kim Woodburn up for eviction after this challenge should be a surprise to virtually no one. Just remember here that the two have been universally disliked in the house, and in some ways Nikola and Jamie were looked at as heroes for pressing it and getting them on the block.

Meanwhile, seeing Colleen Nolan and Chloe Ferry in danger was a little bit of a surprise. Granted, though, it’s hard to imagine either one of them going home. Colleen is relatively inoffensive, and Chloe is complete Crazy Town. You want to keep her in there for the sake of being entertaining.

Of the four, to us it feels fairly clear that we are going to be seeing Kim leave the house at the end of the show, if for no other reason than the simple fact that we consider her to be incredibly unlikable and someone uncomfortable to watch. There’s a difference between fun, silly drama and then screaming at people all the time, even when you don’t necessarily have a great reason for it. Given the audience reaction on the show to Kim being a part of the house, we felt pretty confident her goose was cooked.

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