‘Pure Genius’ finale spoilers: How will the first season end?

Last night, the penultimate episode of “Pure Genius” this season aired on CBS, and what this means more than anything else is that we’re gearing up to look towards the end of the road. It’s not confirmed that next week’s new episode is the series finale for the show, but we are very much concerned that it will be. The ratings so far have not been great, and to go along with that, we’re not seeing a robust amount of promotion for the episode. There is one thing about it in particular that is bothering us, and that is something we’ll get to and describe further on in this article.

For now, we do want to give you some sort of tangible sense as to what is coming within “Lift Me Up,” a story that will hopefully resolve several different stories that are going to be touched on featuring some of these characters.

Synopsis – “Angie tries to target her mother’s illness using radical nanobot technology, but she looks to Scott for help when her mother prefers using traditional methods. Also, when a graffiti artist with a clotting disorder falls from a bridge, Walter, Malik and Zoe attempt to use suspended animation to stop his internal bleeding. And Walter is put in an awkward position when Julianna discovers James used the unapproved GSS drug on Louis Keating.”

Now, this is where we have a bone to pick with CBS over the way in which they are promoting the finale. What gives with not presenting anything significant at all in the promo? This clip below does an okay job of presenting the mission statement of the entire series, but nothing through the specific lens of what is happening to the characters in the moment. Now, we know what the network is doing in terms of using this to appeal to people who may not have seen the show before. However, this is the finale, and if there was ever a time to try and make things a tad more specific, this is it. We don’t think many people out there would have necessarily minded getting a little more information pertaining to what we’re going to see in this hour in particular.

What do you want to see on the “Pure Genius” finale? Let us know in the attached comments, and stay tuned for some more news over the course of the coming days.

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