‘Vikings’ season 4, episode 19 preview: The battle with King Ecbert, Aethelwulf in ‘On the Eve’

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Tonight, “Vikings” brought us some rather epic battle sequences as the sons of Ragnar rained down their vengeance on king Aella, but as it turns out, this could only just be the beginning since they still have king Ecbert to deal with. Aella thought he was ready for the vikings and learned quite quickly just how over powered they are, so with someone like Ecbert (who we saw basically imploding tonight) we have to wonder what’s to become of him.

Next week, you will have a chance to dive further into battle with an episode entitled “On the Eve,” which actually somehow sounds like the calm before the storm. This is the second last episode before the finale and they have really been building to this battle against Ecbert, so we have to wonder if this episode will be laying out the ground work for the big finale or if the finale is going to be the aftermath of the battle against Ecbert?

Synopsis¬†– “The Viking army rampages through the English countryside, while King Ecbert and Aethelwulf seek to defend of the realm.”

In pure History channel fashion, this is not the most revealing synopsis in the world — the most important thing to know is that these two characters are going to do everything that they can in order to ensure that they achieve victory. The problem that they may face here is that the sons of Ragnar are running on pure vengeance and that’s a pretty motivating factor.

Beyond the customary action sequences (we know that the producers of this show cast a wide array of extras for many of these scenes), we also anticipate that we will still be seeing what’s going on back in Kattegut with Lagertha and Harald’s attempts to take the throne from her. As we said in our review, we don’t see Harald as much of a threat to Lagertha (we never saw him as much of a threat to anyone if we are being honest here), so we hope that they find a way to build the tension before we end out the season.

Promo¬†– Awesome. That’s one way to describe this, along with “action-packed” and “intense.” War is here.

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