NBC’s ‘Taken’ video: See Clive Standen in action

Taken -

On Monday, February 27 after the spring premiere of “The Voice,” you’re going to have a chance to see a show that could prove to be one of the best thrill rides of the spring — and also an awesome addition to the lineup if you loved the “Taken” feature films.

The NBC version of “Taken” is an origin story of sorts for Bryan Mills, the character played in the movies by Liam Neeson. He’s highly intelligent, incredibly determined, and he knows how to handle problems better than anyone. Unfortunately, he also has really bad luck when it comes to terrible things happening to him. In the promo below, you learn that in this version Mills’ sister was taken from him (in this sense, killed), and he could be spending some time working to enact revenge. In the first one of the movies, much of the story is about the kidnapping of his daughter.

In addition to the promo, the logline below offers up a good amount of further information:

“From executive producer Luc Besson (“Taken,” “The Fifth Element”) comes a thrilling new addition in his iconic blockbuster action-film franchise. This new modern-day, edge-of-your-seat thriller follows the origin story of younger, hungrier former Green Beret Bryan Mills (Clive Standen, “Vikings”) as he deals with a personal tragedy that shakes his world. As he fights to overcome the incident and exact revenge, Mills is pulled into a career as a deadly CIA operative, a job that awakens his very particular, and very dangerous, set of skills.”

We’ve covered “Vikings” for a rather long time on the site, so we know what Standen brings to the table both as a commanding presence and a physical force. He’ll have the power and charisma to match what Neeson did, while at the same time bringing something new and distinct to the role.

Given the franchise attached to the show, we have a feeling that there will be some attention paid to “Taken” almost right away. Here’s to hoping that it delivers something as wall-to-wall exciting as we imagine it will be.

Judging from what you’re seeing so far, are you planning to watch the new “Taken” series? Let us know now in the attached comments! (Photo: NBC.)

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