Steve Carell hardcore pranks ‘The Office’ fans with ‘revival series’ tweet

Steve Carell

Steve Carell is not frequently active on social media, but when he is, clearly the man goes hardcore.

In a post on Twitter earlier today, the actor proclaimed that “The Office” had been revived by NBC … only before later saying that it was a typo and that it was actually “Will & Grace” that was returning instead. As you would expect, the internet had many strong opinions about this, and many of them came in the form of various GIFs from the show.

The irony here about Carell’s joke is that we could actually see a revival of sorts happening in theory. When you look at the cast right now, many of them including Rainn Wilson, B.J. Novak, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, and others could have some room here and there in their schedules to be flexible. While many people, Carell included are doing movies, their schedules could be sorted out in some way.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to see this happening mostly because there’s no actual talk of it beyond Carell trolling people on social media. Given that this remains one of our favorite comedy series of all time, we’d actually be all for it provided that it was a real and genuine thing and that Carell was coming back as Michael Scott. Otherwise, what’s the point? The final seasons of the show were good, but before that it was great and one of the funniest comedies we’ve ever seen. If you were to do something similar to the show’s first season (as in only six to eight episodes) and bring it back every couple of years, what would be so bad about that? Couldn’t everyone find a time to make that work? TV is so different now than it once was, and everyone’s got different demands as viewers.

It would be absolutely hilarious if a troll-tweet from Carell somehow managed to get the show back on the air … but this is all a pipe-dream. We’re going to continue to live with our head in the clouds for a little while longer, if for no other reason than because it’s fun.

If “The Office” somehow was revived, would you watch it? Vote in the poll below! (Photo: NBC.)

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