Should a ‘No Tomorrow’ season 2 happen?

No Tomorrow -Tonight, The CW aired its season 1 finale for “No Tomorrow” — or, something that should be almost technically be referred to as a series finale, given that it seems almost as though there is little to no chance that the show ends up getting to come back.

Was the ending satisfying? Well, you can say that Evie is getting a chance to move forward with her dream job … provided that his job comes to fruition and the world doesn’t end. She also may have someone new in Graham to spend some of her time with. It was a happier ending for a show with rather dark undertones here and there, which really says something about how the writers wanted to establish some sort of conclusive ending that made you smile.

We know that for many fans out there, there is no reason for them to feel satisfied at the moment. Why wouldn’t they want more of the show moving forward? The biggest issue is that the ratings for The CW are poor, and it’s had a lot of good chances given that it aired for most of the season after a huge hit in “The Flash.” We suppose that the biggest thing it did have going against it was the Presidential Election, given that this dominated so much in terms of attention this fall that it made life a heck of a lot harder for many new series that were out there this year.

“No Tomorrow” is a fun, heartwarming show with an inventive concept, but right now you may want to start petitioning some other outlets if you are a fan. Given the pact The CW has with Netflix, that could be a place to start — even if it’s not picked up anywhere for a season 2 now, maybe it finds an audience over time on the streaming platform and it eventually gets a chance to come back down the road.

What did you think about the finale for “No Tomorrow,” and do you think that the show should get another chance at being on the air? Share in the comments or in the poll below! Meanwhile, you can head over to the link here in the event that you do want to get some other news when it comes to the show. (Photo: The CW.)

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