‘Sherlock’ season 4, episode 3 (finale) preview: Steven Moffat teases ‘The Final Problem’

Sherlock season 4Sherlock” fans, today is it: The end of the road for the fourth season, and potentially also the series as a whole, though we don’t really like to think that negatively. “The Final Problem” is going to serve as a proper culmination of everything that we’ve seen to date, a series of complicated twists and also the culmination of the shocking story of one Euros Holmes, the mystery sibling who has connections of some sort to Moriarty.

For everyone wondering going into this episode just how much the show is going to put their cards out on the table, we’ve got a pretty clear answer: It looks as though the BBC series is ready to go all out. Speaking to Newsweek, executive producer Steven Moffat promises answered, and at the same time a bounce-back story for our heroes after we’ve seen them at time struggle and suffer this season:

“Some people are like, ‘Why didn’t Sherlock recognize his sister?’ All becomes clear. Nothing is not explained. And it’s not a difficult explanation.

“It ties up everything we’ve been doing. It absolutely ties it up. This is Sherlock and John at the top of their game. We’ve seen them as damaged, wounded beasts, and now we’re going to see them doing absolutely what they can do.”

Basically, what we know “what they can do” to be “solving cases,” and also doing so in a way that can be incredibly entertaining. Whatever happens by the end of this should offer some closure; it’s already been hinted here and there that at the conclusion of this story, it’s possible that there may not be a need or any sense of urgency to have more new episodes of the series for a rather-long stretch of time.

To go along with the quotes above, we also find the following one from Moffat to the publication to be particularly amusing:

“[With] this episode, there’s more in it than you’re ever going to get again in 90 minutes. You can’t afford to look away. Don’t go to the loo—just wet yourself.”

Is this quite possibly the greatest advice we’ve ever seen an executive producer offer? It could be.

As we start to approach the upcoming finale, of course we want to know what you expect to see in “The Final Problem.” Share your thoughts in the comments, and of course be sure to visit the link here in the event you want to get some further news regarding the series. We’ll have our full review up not long after the show airs in the UK. (Photo: BBC One.)

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