‘American Horror Story’ renewed by FX through season 9

For everyone out there who enjoys the “American Horror Story” franchise, great news: The show’s not going to be going anywhere in the near future.

While at the TCA Winter Press Tour today, the network confirmed that the FX anthology series will be renewed for an additional season beyond the two that it already had, which brings it in total to season 9. That’s a lot of seasons! That may be important given the sole fact that this is a show that seems to already have two of the upcoming seasons planned. There’s the normal season that executive producer Ryan Murphy is working on (which should be season 7), and then there’s a sort of mystery season floating around in the ether out there, one that we are not hearing a whole lot about other than that a writer’s been working on it for a lengthy period of time and there could be some non-traditional plans for it to get out the air.

Also today, Murphy confirmed that Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters are both confirmed for season 7, making them the first two people to officially sign up. We’re not sure if Paulson is making clones of herself, but she is definitely working around the clock when it comes to series from Murphy airing on FX. She recently did two seasons of this show, one season of “American Crime Story,” and she’s also got “Feud” coming up as well in the near future. She may also end up being a part of the upcoming seasons of “American Crime Story,” but as of this writing, there is not anything confirmed on that subject.

As for how long the “Horror Story” franchise could last, the sky really is the limit. You don’t need any particular cast member to make the show (though Peters and Paulson have been in all of them to date), just as you also don’t need any particular writer. Murphy could go on to do other things and easily leave this project in the hands of someone capable.

One final “Horror Story” tease before we say farewell to this article: Season 7 will be a modern story, which is mostly interesting given that this will make the show the third straight season where we’ve seen the story set, at the very least, in the recent present.

What do you want to see in season 7 of the show? Share in the comments, and rest assured that we will have some other updates on all things “American Horror Story” as we get around to having them for you.

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