‘Criminal Minds’ season 12, episode 11 preview: Return date; will Spencer Reid return?

Criminal Minds -Tonight, “Criminal Minds” is bringing your way an episode in “Seek and Destroy” that should offer up a few more opportunities to see the new team work out some of their chemistry — you’ve got Stephen Walker still a newcomer to the group, and at the same time Luke Alvez isn’t all that seasoned with the rest of the BAU yet, either. Even Emily Prentiss, while back, didn’t exactly have this job for the entirety of the past few years. There is probably a getting-to-know-you phase that much of the team at present is probably going through.

So where are we going next with the series on CBS? Well, it’s actually a little early to find out, given that the show looks to be on hiatus for the next few weeks. At present, the next new episode entitled “Surface Tension” is going to be airing on Wednesday, February 1 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern; keep in mind here that dates do change, given that we just saw this happen with the #TGIT lineup over on ABC.

It’s a little early out for an official synopsis to be out there for this installment, and knowing CBS, odds are they won’t release a promo for what is coming up, either until we get around to a week or so before this episode airs. We just hope that Spencer Reid is back before too long; Matthew Gray Gubler hasn’t left the show, and there is a big episode coming up about him. It’s just not clear if he will be back in this coming episode or the ones that follow.

Why the long break? Much of that could just have to do with the network wanting to save some of their episodes for sweeps, and also not wanting to put too many episodes on without a quality lead-in. If we were an executive, our sentiment would be to try to load up on episodes after “Survivor: Game Changers” premieres in March, that way you can make the most of some of the lead-in capital that you possibly can. While CBS does have another new show in “Hunted” coming up before then, that show is still a question mark. It could turn out to be a runaway hit, or it could be a significant ratings letdown.

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