‘Criminal Minds’ season 12, episode 10 preview: Prepare for ‘Seek and Destroy’

Criminal Minds -Excited for Wednesday night’s new episode of “Criminal Minds” to arrive? We’re right there with you, and that is why we’re happy to be bringing you some details regarding “Seek and Destroy.” This is an episode that is going to feel a little more traditional to the show we’ve come to know lately, while at the same time giving you a few character moments along the way.

For the most part, the sneak peeks that we have for you below are procedural, as we learn about the primary case at the center of the hour: A run of home invasions that are spreading throughout the West Coast, and leaving an array of victims in their wake. It certainly appears that there are multiple architects to these plans, and the challenge is trying to find a way to determine who is sitting pretty at the top and take them down so the whole organization will crumble.

As the first preview indicates, Walker thought that there was strictly an alpha and a beta running the operation behind the scenes, but the problem is that the alpha suddenly changed course and headed out to the West Coast. He has no clear ties to the area, and suddenly the invasions are increasingly violent. What was the origin of this, or more importantly, who is behind it all? It’s certainly possible that there is someone manipulating the so-called alpha to do their bidding, which in turn casts some doubt on whether or not the alpha is really in charge of anything at all.

The biggest thing to gain from “Seek and Destroy” is an understanding of how Walker works with the remainder of the team. We know that he’s smart and incredibly good at his job, but the majority of “Profiling 202” last week focused on the relationship that he has with David Rossi and not so much anything else. In order to get a better understanding of chemistry, of course we need him with the other people on the team. The rapport he has with JJ is fairly seamless, but the larger question may be how he and Garcia will get along. After all, we’ve got the evidence now from earlier this season that she doesn’t always roll out the welcome wagon when it comes to her treatment of newcomers. Maybe that’s just Luke (which is really seems to be) and we wonder if we are we ever going to get an answer to what her problem is with him?

Excited to see tonight’s episode? Let us know in the comments, and come back later today for our full review of what’s to come! Also, you can head over here to get a full review of “Profiling 202” before checking out “Seek and Destroy” tonight. (Photo: CBS)



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