Kellyanne Conway, Seth Meyers take on Donald Trump – Russia allegations (video)

Seth Meyers -

If there is one late-night host this week that won the jackpot in terms of timing, it’s Seth Meyers. Prior to any information coming out about President-elect Donald Trump in relation to Russia today (which includes a certain supposed lewd act we’d rather not mention here), “Late Night with Seth Meyers” had former campaign manager-turned-adviser Kellyanne Conway scheduled to appear, and she went ahead and fulfilled that obligation.

We’ll start by giving Conway a slight bit of credit, given that agreeing to go on a show that is decidedly anti-Trump is a pretty big gamble in the first place, especially when it comes to taking on information that you don’t know all that well yet. There was a very short amount of time between the news on Russia and the unverified intelligence documents leaking, and her going out to tape the interview. (Remember, these tape several hours before they air.)

Based on what we see below, it doesn’t go particularly well for Conway as Meyers gets the crowd on his side (kind of a given, since this is his show), and she struggles to come up with ways to counter the information that he has. It’s clear he’s got the upper hand in the interview, but in general, we do wonder whether this was bad luck on all parties involves. Sure, this interview is going to get a ton of traction online and is great press for the show, but does anyone really have definite answers at the moment as to what’s really going on? Is anything all that clear.

Here’s also the thing about an interview like this: There’s no way to comment on it further. If you believe that Trump is the worst person in modern history, you’re probably going to love much of the coverage of what’s going on. If you love Trump, you’re probably throwing tomatoes at your television. The country’s so divided that it’s almost impossible to think that any piece of information leaked, or any television interview, is going to change anyone’s mind.

Still, feel free to share some of your thoughts on this below, and head over here if you missed Meyers taking on Trump via Meryl Street’s Golden Globes acceptance speech last night. (Photo: NBC.)

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