‘Teen Wolf’ season 6, episode 7 reaction: Mr. Douglas did WHAT?

Teen wolf -The sixth season of “Teen Wolf” to date has, by and large, revolved around one key question: What’s going to be happening when it comes to Stiles? Is he going to find his way back home?

There are a couple of different ways to look at the direction of this storyline. In one way, we understand some of the criticism that it is moving a little bit slowly. We are almost halfway through the season, at this point, so of course the temptation is there for us to have more answers.

Instead, one of the biggest revelationships that we got tonight is that Mr. Douglas, following his transformation, is one ugly creature. On the flip side, apparently Mr. Douglas has a thing for Ghost Riders’ brains. They spent so much time over the course of this episode trying to find one and use them for some answers, and now something like this happened.

Oh, and of course there are also the murders around town that need to be dealt with. Then, there’s also Theo.

Most notably, though, you’ve got Mr. Douglas in the closing minutes going after Corey. Who is he, really? What does he mean to the overall story? He’s certainly freaky, but beyond that we’re desperate to get some more information about him … even though there aren’t too many people biting at present on the subject of it.

On another note – Lydia is continuing to do everything that she can to get Stiles’ father to recognize that he exists, and that Claudia is not the wife that he thinks that she is. It’s a tough road for him, but we do think that he’s starting to make some progress — with an emphasis on “starting to.”

Next week – If you are interested in a little bit more information regarding what is coming up next on the show, be sure to visit this link. (Photo: MTV.)

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