Hawaii Five-0 season 7 episode 19 review: A powerful Kono story

Hawaii Five-0 season 7 episode 19 review -After the big Hawaii Five-0 crossover that just happened tonight on MacGyver we hope you are ready for some more action! Hawaii Five-0 season 7 episode 19 may not have cast members from MacGyver running with our team, but be assured that there will definitely be some mention of them. With so few episodes of Hawaii Five-0 left this season we don’t know how they are going to wrap up all the dangling threads. Some of those we’ll have to wait to learn a little more about.

Tonight after the crossover, we saw the Five-0 Task Force back in action tonight doing so much more of what they do best: Help people in need however they are able to do so. Specifically, that meant Kono being at the forefront of one of the most powerful, emotional episodes of the entire season. The characters all struggled with the weight of taking on a sex trafficking case that stemmed from a woman’s arrival at the hospital.

As far as stories go for this show, this one was fairly straightforward, and one that used the majority of the characters to piece together as the case for the most part revolved around getting a chance to see the team working to ensure that they could find the people response for this case. To go along with this, we also had a murder at a sober living facility. What made a part of the episode interesting was how the show paired characters off. Danny was conspicuously absent for most of this, and with that Chin and Grover worked together while McGarrett and Kono took the lead on the sex trafficking case. (Jerry helped substantially back at home base, and was pretty effective when it came to getting some further information and intel.)

If we’d made one thing rather clear about the season to date, it’s that the show’s done a really remarkable job when it comes to light, humorous moments when it comes to the main characters and balancing that with some of the drama. This installment didn’t have that, and it was instead darker and dramatic. This was compelling, but we were worried at various times in it that we would be craving some of what we’ve come to love about season 7. Luckily, some of those worries subsided thanks to a pretty epic Kono fight scene close to the end of the hour where she got to take down one of the perpetrators of the sex-trafficking ring in hand-to-hand combat. The problem was that she almost lost herself in the process, beating him to a pulp. Great performance by Grace Park in this episode. She had a lot to do this week in between this and the MacGyver episode. Was this a change of pace? Sure, and we did miss Danny and some of the humor. Still, that doesn’t take much away from the very good elements of the hour. We just how that everything Kono went through helping one young woman in particular this week ends up having a long-term effect that we see in subsequent weeks.

In the end, we were left with was a solid episode; there were good moments, and it will probably be remembered most as a Kono showcase. After the humor that was in the crossover, we imagine that it was the intention all along to give it a more serious tone to balance things out. Episode grade: B.

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