‘Hawaii Five-0’ season 7, episode 16 review: One bad pick-up artist; also, Danny loses it

Five-0 -On the last episode of “Hawaii Five-0” we saw Kamekona dealing with a worker’s revolt (which he fixed by giving his cousin a management position, his own truck to run as well as a small bump in pay for everyone) as well as Lou trolling Chin on his pancake making skills.

Tonight, the show chose to give the characters of Steve and Danny a little bit of a romantic holiday with Lynn and Melissa, and in the process, they did something that we never saw coming: Have a complete story with the two guys not actively involved in a major crime investigation at all. Instead, they enjoyed their getaway … or at least for a few minutes. Remember for a minute that Danny got into an epic feud with some kid who aggravated him during the beach volleyball game. He then threw the kid’s disc into the ocean, which made him think that said kid stole his sunglasses later on.

For much of the remainder of the episode, we saw Danny going overtime looking for said sunglasses almost anywhere he could think of. Sadly, for him this did not work out altogether well. It turned out that he kid hadn’t taken them at all, and Danny left them back in his room, which he later crushed with his rear end. This was, as a whole, a ridiculous — but also ridiculously fun — story. It eventually made Danny realize how he wasn’t focusing on his girlfriend and taking the trip seriously enough, and he made up for it with a special dinner at the end of the night. Part of the fun of the episode, meanwhile, was the road to getting there.

As for the case – Chin and Kono took center stage on this one, as they had to figure out what happened to a guy who was enrolled in a “class” taught by a local pick-up artist / sleazeball who was conning guys with no confidence into thinking that they could land any woman that they wanted. Really, he was just setting them up with prostitutes and recruiting more clients on the basis of the “results” that he was getting. What he did not realize was that one of his former clients was mentally disturbed enough to think that he and the woman, the same one our victim was with, had a special relationship and he needed to get her back. He almost killed her by the end of the episode, and then the pick-up artist himself when he learned about everything that was going on with the prostitution ring.

Was this case incredibly straightforward and predictable? Sure, but it was also very entertaining, mostly thanks to watching Kono completely ignore this guy’s multiple attempts at romantic advances. Also, she ended up saving his life at the end of the hour!

This isn’t an episode that you’re going to watch again because of a compelling mystery or some emotional moment; yet, it may still be the funniest “Hawaii Five-0” episodes of the season and we had a great time watching it. The Danny / Steve bickering was in top form, they prioritized their relationships, and we had a fun little case that shined a spotlight on the work Chin and Kono do. All in all, a pretty fun way to spend an hour on a Friday night. Episode grade: A-.

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