‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ season 8 spoilers: LL Cool J hints at major shakeup due to mole storyline

NCISFor most of this season of “NCIS: Los Angeles,” there’s been to date questions revolving around one key question more so than any other: Who precisely is the mole? There are multiple suspects, and we’re starting to see that as the clock winds down for Hetty, they are starting to crack open the organization and cause all sorts of chaos from within.

What is also surprising is the notion that maybe we should have been looking at multiple people all along rather than just this single one in order to properly uncover the mole’s identity. In speaking about this further in a new interview with TV Guide, LL Cool J had the following to say:

“There are multiple moles that are trying to destroy the agency … They’re actually closer than the fans would even expect and that’s going to lead to major changes … It affects the cast, [and it could cause a] changing of the guard.”

If all of this ends up being as serious and as dramatic as the man behind Sam Hanna is letting on, what we’re seeing here is something that could end up being one of the most dramatic conclusions of a storyline in the history of the entire “NCIS” franchise. This is the sort of thing that we’re often yearning for when it comes to this show, and it’s a thrill to see that something like this could finally be happening. Granted, we may not feel that way when we actually see the consequences of precisely everything that it brings to the table. The next few episodes are expected to really drive the mole story home, and then from there, we are going to have an opportunity to contend with some of the aftermath.

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