‘Sherlock’ season 4, episode 3: ‘The Final Problem’ promo and a Euros / Mycroft theory

Holmes and Watson -Have you recovered from the latest episode of “Sherlock” yet? It’s understandable if you’re still reeling, largely because of the fact that the third Holmes sibling (Euros Holmes) has finally been identified. There is not a lot of information about her at this point, other than that she is incredibly devious and spent much of the past two episodes tormenting some of our main characters in whatever way that she could. What is her issue with Sherlock, Mycroft and Watson and how is she linked to Moriarty?

This morning, we have for you below the first promo for the finale entitled “The Final Problem,” which may serve fittingly as the last episode of the series for a rather long time. With Euros going from being a mention here and there by Mycroft to now becoming a major villain, we want to know what her end game is. Will Euros be the “oldest foe” that the BBC referenced in recently promoting the series? It’s possible, but there is one other idea to ponder over: Sherlock’s oldest rival actually being Mycroft, the person who may have gotten the two of them into this pickle in the first place.

If you think about it, Sherlock’s own brother has remained his biggest intellectual adversary in one form or another throughout the series. While there may be familial love there between the two of them, his presentation from the very first episode was in opposition to our hero. He’s one of the few men smarter than him (a cause for inherent jealousy), and you can be adversaries without being a danger to one another physically. His face-off with Mycroft within the finale could be an emotional one more so than one that leads with either character dead or in a prison cell. It’s a search for understanding with many bumps along the way.

There’s something that is clearly off about the lack of recognition Sherlock’s made to the third Holmes sibling over the past three seasons. The references have come from Mycroft’s lips, and the source of the tension between the two brothers could stem from one question: What happened to her early in their childhood for her to want to work with Moriarty and turn against her siblings? Is Mycroft to blame for it? We know that this character is hardly a saint courtesy of his past actions, and just as Sherlock may be repressing any memories of Euros he may have, Mycroft may be hiding exactly what it is he did to her. Meanwhile, Euros may be using her memories of Mycroft as motivation to take out her feelings on everyone in the Holmes family. There could be a certain amount of culpability that Mycroft has that (when revealed) could drive the wedge further between him and his brother.

One way or another, there is something that is remaining unsaid between Sherlock and Mycroft when it comes to Euros and her history with the them. It’s about to rise to the surface, and we imagine that scene at the end of the promo below (i.e. the explosion) being an appropriate metaphor for the state of things within this family.

What are some of your theories regarding “Sherlock” and the Euros relationship? Share in the comments, and be sure to check out our review here for Sunday’s “The Lying Detective” in the picture box below. (Photo: BBC.)

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