‘Chicago PD’ season 4, episode 12 review: Conflict and chaos in a church sanctuary case

Chicago PD -On the last episode of “Chicago PD” learned that Jimmy was not actually Lindsay’s father and that her dad is still out there somewhere (can someone give Maury Povich a call?). Bunny eluded to the fact that she and Voight had spent a night together in bed and that maybe she should run a DNA test on him and to that we say…. please don’t go in this direction! There’s something special about Voight and Lindsay’s relationship that already has that really nice parental vibe. We don’t need him to actually be her dad. More then that we don’t want this story to be dragged out or it’s going to feel too much like what’s going on over on “The Blacklist” where the question of “is Reddington Liz’s father” has been hanging in the balance for 4 years!!!

We could go on and on about that, but in the early going with tonight’s episode the focus shifted elsewhere to a different case, and one that proved rather challenging because of the fact that there were some suspects claiming sanctuary protection inside of a church. The political ramifications of screwing this up could be huge for the team, so Voight had to exercise a little bit of caution.

About the case – A young woman in Zoe was the victim, and the reason why the church was choosing to keep two young men safe within the walls was simply a matter of making sure that nothing was going to happen to them. They believed in them, and they also felt as though the police had a habit of mistreating young black men. They didn’t want to risk them in that situation. They had no gang affiliations and seemed to be good guys despite the evidence against them. Eventually, the priest made it clear that Voight come in and interview them, but as soon as he did someone threw a molotov cocktain threw a window — one that was thrown by Travis, Zoe’s distraught boyfriend who was feeling hopeless after her death.

Aside from these young men, Zoe’s stepfather was one possible suspect that Intelligence started to look at. The same goes for a sleazy boss. Let’s just say that she didn’t have the best people around her. Our killer was really unhinged individual, someone happy to pin the blame on the kids who were in the church. Voight did his typical violent-vigilante thing, and he eventually made the guy confess why exactly he killed her. This probably takes the case as the most disturbing moment of the hour. It was somewhat unexpected to have the killer be more of the potential-serial-killer variety than one of the other suspects we’d already met.

Was this a good case? Sure, but the real killer came somewhat out of left field. This was really more about making sure that the young men in the church were able to move forward and weren’t treated poorly by the city. Their community rallied behind them, and they were right.

The aftermath – Voight was furious over Rixton’s behavior during the case, but he still has his job — for now. He wasn’t acting maliciously in the act. Meanwhile, Voight helped to rebuild the church, and Burgess and Al shared a nice moment as their collaboration continued to get stronger.

Also, in the midst of a rather dark case, wasn’t it nice to see LaRoyce Hawkins get to do some actual stand-up on the show at the very end as Atwater? There was a message of hope here, but he was also very funny. The church will rebuild, and so will the community — hopefully without division.

Overall – When it comes to a good case, this episode provided that. Unfortunately, there weren’t really many updates at all when it comes to the Lindsay situation we ranted about in the beginning, and we wish there was more time for some character updates in the end. Grade: B.

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