‘Chicago PD’ season 4, episode 11 review: Could Voight be Lindsay’s father?

Last time on “Chicago PD” we saw Ruzek leave Voight’s team because Burgess is up in the cage now. Is he gone for good? We were hoping that Burgess and Ruzek working together might open this romance back up again and have Ruzek really step up, but until he returns (and we feel confident that he will) that doesn’t seem to be happening. Also, let’s talk about Lindsay’s dad popping up after all these years. Halstead did a financial background check to make sure that he wasn’t there for some sort of hand out and it turns out he’s financially sound, but that’s not the end of Halstead’s questions about her father since he clearly doesn’t want her getting hurt – anything involving Bunny always seems to have a high price on Lindsay’s emotional well being. Halstead asked Lindsay if she wanted him to do a DNA test to make sure this man is actually her dad, but she wants to live in the fantasy and asks him not to. Knowing Halstead, he’s probably swiped something with the father’s DNA on it as a “just in case” measure.

The one thing we are hoping is that this “Lindsay’s dad” story isn’t going in the direction that we think it might be which is that Voight is Lindsay’s real father. We feel that this show is way smarter then that. Her father shows up at the station to bring her some childhood photos, she is very thankful for them and is happy that he held onto them all these years. Even though Lindsay said not to run her father’s DNA, Halstead snags his coffee cup to run telling Lindsay that she needs to know the truth. So is this man her father? Turns out it’s all a lie and he’s not actually her father, but instead of being happy to learn the truth, she’s upset at Halstead for not letting her live in the fantasy a little longer – shoot the messenger.

This erupts into a pretty bad fight where Lindsay ends up asking Voight for a personal day to deal with this. Lindsay confronts Bunny saying that she knows that he’s not her father, and Bunny is shocked to learn the information herself since she’s truly believed all a long that he was the father. Clearly we need to bring in Maury Povich to help get to the bottom of it all.  We’ve seen Lindsay angry before, but never explode quite like this. To have this kind of hope for a normal, loving parent only to have it all taken away from her, we are surprised that all Lindsay did was smash Bunny’s breakfast plate on the ground. She is sick of Bunny taking her on a heavy emotional ride and we can’t say we blame her. Watching Lindsay tell her father that she’s not his daughter was heart-wrenching, especially when he accused her of being in on whatever scam Bunny was trying to pull on him. After a day like this, she has a drink with Annie who suggests that she leave Chicago and start again somewhere else not understanding what is holding her there. It was a bit of a weird things to say since there is a lot holding her there, including Halstead, Voight and her job. Should Bunny really be running her off from all of that? We don’t think so.

We did have a chance to learn that Lindsay’s “father” and Voight knew each other back in the day, but haven’t seen each other in years. Why didn’t he tell Lindsay that this isn’t her father? Does he not know? When Bunny shows up at the station to confront Voight for running the DNA test, it comes out that they did share a night together and that maybe she should have a DNA test run on him. And there’s the beginnings of our “Voight is really Lindsay’s father” fear creeping in on us.

We are sure that the question of “who is Lindsay’s father” will turn up again on the show and we are hoping that the mystery will be cleared up quickly. We don’t want “Chicago PD” to turn into “The Blacklist” where there is 4 seasons questioning if Lindsay and Voight are actually father and daughter. Episode grade: A-

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