‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ episode 4 review: Was Snooki, Lisa Leslie, or Porsha Williams fired?

SnookiOn the last episode of “The Celebrity Apprentice” we saw the men’s team suffer their first defeat as Eric Dickerson went home after he exclaimed in the boardroom that he didn’t care if he got fired. We understand what he was trying to say with that statement, but it rubbed Arnold the wrong way and we could see that he had made his decision right there before Chael even named anyone to bring back with him.

Now it’s onto a new product – King’s Hawaiian and their new line of non-bread related products starting with their BBQ sauce. They want to create 2 15 second videos that have the potential to go viral and will get a lot of social media attention. Project managers are Snooki and Matt Iseman.

Men’s Team: Ricky brings the idea of making the BBQ sauce into a football scenario and they love it, but when it comes to John Lovitz he’s got a concept for the second video that not everyone is behind (namely Boy George). Jon may seem like he’s all over the place, but he’s been doing this for decades, so if we had Jon on our team, we would pretty much let him do whatever he wants. Everyone’s frustrated and once they are in the editing suite, Jon wants first pass on the video and Vince wants his voice heard. Really the issue is there are way too many people in the editing bay and as a former film director we can attest to how hard it is to get anything done when there are too many people in the editing room. Let Jon have the first few passes and see what he comes up with, then give feedback. After seeing the videos from the men’s team… it didn’t seem like anything that would go viral. They were cute, and well branded, but not really that memorable.

Women’s Team: Snooki as project manager on this seems like a great match for this project since it’s all about social media/viral videos which is something that she’s familiar with, but she was really like a fish out of water. The tension between Laila and Lisa has been building and with Lisa being as honest as she is in the boardroom, we aren’t surprised. The tensions don’t just end there as Porsha and Lisa are also starting to get into it on the set when Lisa wants to ask Snooki for her opinion on directing the video and Porsha says not to talk to Snooki about this stuff because she doesn’t know. The whole thing was strange since Snooki is in charge and the team should be referring to her for what she wants, however it really feels like she wasn’t in charge of anything. Instead it seems that Porsha and Lisa are running the ship. Will Snooki’s non-leadership be this teams downfall or was it that they put Lisa in charge of directing who has no experience behind the camera? Their first video of the double dipping party was fantastic and is the only winning video for us as far as branding, but the saucy housewives video was so bizarre that we think it’s the only one that would go viral. In fact we are busy looking for it right now.

The Boardroom: Before even finding out if they won, Lisa was given the bus schedule as the team ran her over. On the men’s team, it took no time at all for Jon’s meltdown’s to be noted. The winner of this task was the men’s team, which really wasn’t a surprise considering how bizarre the saucy housewives video was: The King’s Hawaiian people didn’t know what was going on with that video. So who did Snooki bring back? Lisa Leslie and Porsha Williams, but it didn’t matter because Snooki took the fall saying that she doesn’t belong there and she was sent to the chopper.

For us, seeing the different big personalities clash is a big part of the fun on this show (does anyone remember the Meatloaf meltdown?) and this season it didn’t take long for this group to get on each other’s nerves. We weren’t expecting Snooki to fall on her sword like that and honestly we thought she was going to make it a lot further on this show. We’ve seen every episode of “Jersey Shore” and have seen what a firecracker she is, so this was a disappointing loss. Episode grade: B+

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