‘Celebrity Big Brother’ star Brandon Block was briefly removed from house for medical attention


Given how a show like “Celebrity Big Brother” tends to milk every second of drama that they can (you really have to when you consider how many days of the week that this show is on the air), it’s a little bit of a surprise when they don’t choose to show something that could be considered dramatic, such as contestant Brandon Block receiving some medical attention a little bit earlier this week.

There are some conflicting reports regarding how serious the condition was for the DJ, but a source tells the Daily Star that there was some concern at the time it happened on Thursday:

“Brandon wasn’t well at all. It was pretty serious. He immediately saw the medics that were on standby at the house … But there were concerns his condition could worsen and could even become critical so it was decided he needed to go to hospital.”

Meanwhile, a rep for Block tells the website that things are being blown out of proportion a bit, and some of the tests that he underwent were “routine.” What, you’re saying that a show like “Celebrity Big Brother” would blow things out of proportion? They would never!

In all seriousness, hopefully he ends up being fine. We do see quite a few health concerns pop up here and there on this show, and it’s probably more than you would expect given that this competition isn’t all that physically demanding. Much of it may just stem from the stressful environment, dealing with all of the drama of the house, and also just casting older contestants in general rather than just people in their twenties or early thirties. (We can understand how living with some of these people could easily make you ill.)

We shall be back later today at this link to present you with more coverage of today’s episode; stay tuned, and share your thoughts on this story below! (Photo: Channel 5.)

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