‘The Real World Seattle: Bad Blood’ finale review: Fights, freakouts, and Peter the not-so-great

Real World -Given that Wednesday night’s new episode of “The Real World Seattle: Bad Blood” was the season finale, you would think in theory that this would be a chance to end things on a peaceful note.

Then, there was Peter. Maybe he’s better outside the house, but within it, this guy is taking the cake as the most insufferable person we’ve seen on reality TV in a rather long time. He’s incredibly grating, horribly controlled, and one of the most selfish people that we’ve seen on the show in some time. It’s not like we have a list of reasons why … or maybe we do.

1. He flips out on his girlfriend Jenn for helping a clearly-inebriated Jordan go home rather than waiting for him. She was trying to be a good person, and he flipped out because things didn’t go his way.

2. He went on a furious tear when Anna and Jenn got physical in yet another heated argument, one that stems back to the infamous Google search and claims that Peter was being emotionally abusive. He started punching things and had to be detained hard by security.

3. After he, Jenn, Anna, and Katrina all went to the hotel, Peter refused to really conduct a proper farewell interview or own up to the vast majority of his actions.

4. When Jenn decided to stay rather than go home with him, he lost his mind again and acted like a big baby with claims of an “ultimatum” and whatnot. All of this just felt, once more, incredibly manipulative.

Really, Peter sapped all of the fun out of the past few episodes, and by the time that he finally left the house once and for all, there was only a few more minutes left in the episode. Everyone got a chance to have a little bit of fun with one another, and then say goodbye to Seattle once and for all. Still, it was a weird, empty, and strange house given that Mike left, Theo was banned from coming back, and the same goes for Peter. These people couldn’t figure out how to behave themselves, and it really spoiled the whole idea of resolution, a key theme for the season. At least we had a moment or two with Anika and Will close to the end, since this did give us some of that … and it was nice to actually see them get screen time. (Remember: Sometimes getting screen time is bad. Look at Peter.)

While we didn’t see a lot of them at times, there were friendships made, there were some relationships healed, and while it may not be positive, maybe watching this season did teach some people the sort of people that they should steer clear of and what happens when conflicts get really ugly. So long Seattle: We’ll see what happens from here. Personally, we’re hoping for a season with a little more comedy, and where the reality doesn’t involve nearly as much violence. Grade: B-.

What did you think about the finale for “The Real World”? Did Peter ruin some of the fun for you at the end of the season? Share in the comments! Also, click here to get some more news regarding the future of the series, and we’ll have more news as it starts to come out. (Photo: MTV.)

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