Oprah teaches America to smile, ‘Arrow’ update, ‘Alaskan Bush People’, ‘Match Game’

Arrow -On Wednesday night, January 4, 2017, you are going to need a DVR to catch all the great programming. Of course, if you prefer just reality shows, your list will slim down. Same goes for just sitcoms and dramas, but tonight there is so much on that your remote might be smoking if you flip back and forth between channels. Thinking back just a week, where we couldn’t find anything to watch and the holiday’s invited the family to the house, it’s definitely better to have too much to watch than too little.

Oprah teaches America to smile!

Say “yaaaaa”! Last night Oprah was on the “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” and she was dishing a secret on how she is always photographed smiling. Frankly, if you think about it, she is always smiling. On TV, magazines and even movies, she is so cheery it could be considered scary. Apparently she had a secret and she offered it up to the world. Does it work? Absolutely! Check out the video clip and start smiling everywhere you go!

An ‘Arrow’ update? Writers dish on wait.

Fans of “Arrow” have three weeks before a new episode. This sounds like a long, long time, but it’s really not too bad. Plus, the writers of the popular show have reached out to let fans know it is worth the wait. Offering up a hilarious Cookie Monster message, the fans definitely appreciate that the show staff is aware it is hard to wait.

‘Match Game’ new season of 70’s game show

Alec Baldwin has been busy on “Saturday Night Live” but it looks like he had a little time on his hands to be a host. The new season of “Match Game” debuts tonight with the game show kicking off on ABC at 10 p.m. Expect to hear some funny things on this show. It never disappoints.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ goes back to the wild

The reality show “Alaskan Bush People” kicks off on Discovery Channel with a whole new look at our 49th state. Two episodes will be seen tonight and fans can’t hardly wait. This show is one of the most unique reality shows as it offers up a look at land that most people never imagined to see. Check it out tonight starting at 9 p.m.

And Finally…. ‘Blue Collar Millionaires’

On CNBC tonight there is a reality series about folks who are normal, working people who are also entrepreneurs called “Blue Collar Millionaires.” It might sound like a boring show title (OK, let’s be frank, it is) but the show is quite entertaining. If you like “Shark Tank” or “Undercover Boss,” give this series a look. It’s worth the time to set up the DVR to give it a try!

This column was written by Jodi Jill. Be sure to follow her on Facebook and Twitter(Photo: CW.)

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