‘The Fosters’ season 4 spoilers: Mapping the road ahead for Jesus

Fosters -At the end of the first part of “The Fosters” season 4, we certainly did see the Jesus character fall on hard times as he suffered a head injury covering for Gabe, one that was further aggravated to a dangerous level in the midst of a physical confrontation with Nick. That character is now back in prison, but Jesus’ life is now on the line and there is a distinct possibility that even if he does make it out of the hospital, he’s not the same person that he was.

This notion is furthered along by executive producer Joanna Johnson, who says (per TVLine) that Jesus’ injury this season will lead to “some interesting and surprising stories about what happens when people have… changes in personality, as well as other physical and mental symptoms.” This could be painful and emotional, but at the same time powerful to watch as a viewer.

We suppose that one of the biggest challenges that Jesus could face is a struggle for normalcy, especially if the challenges that he goes through leads to a struggle for him to fit in. He could crave the sort of treatment that he once had if there are parts of him that are different, and nobody may know how to offer that to him.

As for what else we’re going to see, we now have confirmation in the same report that Brandon is going to move home in the aftermath of what transpired with Julliard and the SAT gig that ended up getting him booted from the school. As for his relationship with Cortney, we assume that it’s over given the letter that he sent; we just haven’t seen the official aftermath to that just yet, but we imagine that we will sooner rather than later.

Do you think that we will ever see the same Jesus that we once did on “The Fosters”? Share some of your thoughts right now in the comments! Also, click here to see one of the most-recent promos for the new season. You better believe that as we get closer to its return a little bit later this month, we’re going to have a wide array of additional news. (Photo: Freeform.)

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