‘Longmire’ season 6: What should the endgame be for The Ferg?

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Through the holiday season, one of the things that we’ve enjoyed doing is coming up with a series of features detailing precisely what many of the various characters on Netflix’s “Longmire” should be up to in the final season. We’re not trying to offer up suggestions to the writers or anything, since we’re sure they’ll do a great job; instead, this is just a fun little exercise in imagination to see what we want for some of these people in the moment of writing this. It’s interesting that we could end up seeing something happening at the end of the series that we never imagined, and it could blow us away completely.

After spotlighting Cady a couple of days ago, today we’re talking about a guy who’s been through a lot in The Ferg. We’ve seen him make friends, get shot at, find love, and so much more since the beginning of the series. So how will his story end? Given that he’s such a lighthearted character, we don’t want to go through an experience like we did with Branch. Give him at the very least some happiness! Also, end his story in a better place than when we first found him.

Don’t worry: We don’t know any spoilers. These ideas are all just off the ol’ noggin.

A wedding – There’s something about the idea of Ferg getting married that would be really fun, especially since it would unite so many other characters and force them to get along for a little while. Also, it’s crazy to think that nobody else on the show is really in a spot right now to think about this. (Maybe Vic, but we don’t see enough evidence for her and Travis just yet.)

A leadership role – We saw a little bit of this with Zachary when Ferg tried to assert a little bit of control over him, but it would be fun to bring in a new Deputy who didn’t circumvent authority at all and looked to him as a mentor. It’d be a great way to showcase evolution from where we saw the character in the early going.

An act of heroism – Maybe Ferg isn’t the one who takes down the final Big Bad, but why not have him be the architect for learning his or hear whereabouts? We’ve seen some achievements from him before, but there could be something fun about making him the linchpin for a case or two.

More of his life – We got a little bit of this with the romance story last season, but we’d love an episode told at least in part from The Ferg’s point of view where you see Walt, Vic, and everyone else more through his eyes. Given the tense situation regarding Walt’s future, this could be especially fun to get this sort of personal insight of him at the Red Pony, or interacting with some characters we don’t often get to see him with.)

What do you want to see from The Ferg during the final season of “Longmire”? Be sure to let us know right now in the comments! (Photo: Netflix.)

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