Rose Parade 2017: Why wasn’t Nick Viall on ‘Bachelor’ float?

Rose Parade -The great news for all fans of Bachelor Nation is clear: The show is coming back on the air Monday night! Also, we had a chance to see today something that is becoming a little bit of an annual tradition: A float for the Rose Parade.

The concept art comes to us via KTLA, and it gives you a small sense of what this float looked like in the event that you didn’t get a chance to actually watch the show play out live. If there is one part of this in particular that was more than a little bit strange, it is that we had something all about “The Bachelor” without the leading man Nick Viall there. In the past, we’ve had the guy there waving at people on the parade route.

We know ultimately why Nick wasn’t on it, and it’s because he is currently in New York doing press for the new season. Because of the way that scheduling worked out this year, he was unable to effectively be in two different places at the same time. Had the parade taken place on January 1, maybe things would have been a little bit different in that department.

What was even more odd to us than Nick not being on the float (after all, we are well aware of the fact that he has other press commitments and things he has to do) is that the show didn’t bring in any other notable couples like an Evan and Carly or a JoJo and Jordan; maybe they couldn’t get them, since instead we just had women (possibly ones from this coming season — we didn’t get enough time with them to know) waving to the crowd.

While the float this year was lovely, at the same time this was probably the least promotion that the show’s ever got out of the Rose Parade; in that sense, maybe this was a little bit disappointing.

Tonight, we will be back to give you more of a sense of all the madness on “The Bachelor.” Stay tuned…

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