‘Pure Genius’ episode 10 preview: What’s next in ‘Hero Worship’

Pure Genius -

Tonight, CBS chose to do something a little bit different when it comes to their programming. Rather than keep “Pure Genius” permanently situated in its Thursday timeslot, they decided that they would air an episode in the unusual place of “Madam Secretary” on Sunday night. Why do this? The simple answer is a mere matter of scheduling. They had an extra episode that they needed to get out there to clear up their timeslot Thursdays later this month, and in airing an episode tonight, it further enables them to do that.

As for the sentiment that this decision could end up damaging the show’s ratings in some way, we do think that this is rather likely. Yet, at the same exact time, we do not see a whole lot of evidence at present in them being altogether concerned by it. As much as we enjoy some of the heart and the creativity that this show offers, especially in a field of medical shows that often focus on similar things, this is a show that doesn’t have a back-nine episode order. That doesn’t bode well for its future, and neither does CBS dropping an episode on the night of a holiday. If you love the show, keep doing so and encourage your friends to do the same live — it’s one of the best chances that you’ve got to give the show a little bit of a lifeline down the road. (CBS has until May in order to make a decision on the future.)

On Thursday, you will see the show return to Thursday with “Hero Worship,” so in the midst of recruiting some new potential viewers (and exciting some who are already invested), we thought it best to offer up a quick preview for what is coming up next:

“When a woman arrives at Bunker Hill with a mysterious lung ailment, James is conflicted after he connects other respiratory cases in her area to possible contamination from a microchip factory owned by his hero, tech guru Douglas Prescott (David Paymer). Also, Walter and Taliakha work to find why a young man can’t walk despite his legs being in good condition, and Zoe becomes jealous of James’s connection to Nina.”

What do you want to see on the next new “Pure Genius,” and were you even aware that there was a new episode airing tonight given the holiday season? Feel free to share now in the comments!

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