‘The Bachelor’ spotlight: Pilates instructor Whitney Fransway hopes for love with Nick Viall

Whitney -The Bachelor” fans, we’ve made it! This marks the final edition in our show spotlight before the premiere of the show, but we also have a feeling that this is not the last time we’re going to be talking about the show today. After all, there is a special airing on ABC tonight preparing us for the start of the season, and that could include opportunities to get to know some contenders this season — and also to know Nick Viall better.

Since we’ll get to that in due time, let’s move into trying to get to know Whitney Fransway a little bit better.

Age – 25. Now that we’ve seen all of the contestants this season, 25-26 seems to be around the average age … which is ten years younger than Nick’s 36.

Occupation – Pilates instructor. She has an Instagram online, and we get the sense from it that she may also be into fitness modeling and a few other things (she does have a modeling background). While she may be on the show to meet Nick, there’s no denying that she could stand something else to gain if she’s hoping to build more of a health / lifestyle brand off of her appearance.

Location – She’s listed as being from Chanhassen, Minnesota (hey, a unique location!), a suburb of Minneapolis located to the southwest of it. We get the sense that she still lives in the area.

Things to know – The most interesting thing that she has to say is who she says that she would be if she could be someone else for a day:”Gisele Bündchen/Brady because she has the reputation of being a really successful model and married to Tom Brady.” We have a feeling she’s a Patriots fan, no? If nothing else, this does give you a little bit of a sense as to some of her aspirations.

Otherwise, her bio is fairly bare-bones, and it doesn’t give you a great sense of who she is. We do figure that she’ll be one of the more active women in the house, and she’ll be upbeat and at least fairly aggressive around Nick.

How is she actually going to do? – The real question that we see with Whitney is what makes her stand out — there are probably many women similar to her on some level in Los Angeles, and we don’t get enough from her bio that actually differentiates her from the pack. This is something that we’ll have to wait until the premiere in order to find out more. As of now, we don’t see her going all that far.

Let us know how well you think Whitney’s going to fare in the comments! Also, click here to specifically see all of our other spotlights! (Photo: ABC.)

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