‘Bones’ season 12, episode 6 review: Did Hodgins have a break through on Zack Addy case?

HodginsOn the last episode of “Bones” we saw Aubrey made a very difficult decision when he turned his father in (arrested by Booth), but in the end it seems like it was the right choice since his father was running a new scam on him. Guess some things just never change when it comes to Aubrey’s dad, which wasn’t a surprise for him, but we suspect still hurt him deep down. Tonight, though we are going to get a little more information on Zack Addy’s story, which is the arc we are the most invested in right now.

Booth is teaching Christine to ride a bike, but when he lets go and she falls to the ground she no longer wants to ride a bike again. Haven’t we all been there? Make us think back to our first time where our dad let go and we were doing great, riding along like a pro, until we turned around and dad was way in the distance waving and smiling – then, the inevitable crash and subsequent crying. Brennan thinks that if she can explain the physics of bike riding to Christine that she will get back on that bike again and feel confident about it.

Hodgin’s may have found a way to prove that Zack didn’t stab the lobbyist after examining a blood pool from the murder scene. It may not be enough to over turn the case, but it’s a good start and Angela is on board to help. After further examination, Hodgin’s found something in one of the bones (a microbial signature) that Brennan missed (shocking, we know!) that might be able to help. Is it possible that both of these findings is enough to help clear Zack? Hodgins brings what he’s found to Cam and she’s a little suspicious that Hodgin’s possibly planted the evidence (a little shocking to us that she would think this of Hodgins), saying that it could’ve been tampered with since it’s improbable that any microbes would survive this long. Very disappointing.

The case of the week focused on the sport of lumber-jacking which is something we have never seen on a crime show (at least as an actual crime). We did see it used briefly on “Dexter” but not as a murder case and certainly not as a lumber sports competition! If this wasn’t featured on tonight’s episode we don’t think we would’ve ever had a chance to see something like this, so this was a really fun case for us to watch. Also, there was a lumber-jacker named Ragnar which was super exciting to us since the only other time we’ve heard this name is on “Vikings” – one of our favorite shows on the air right now (outside of “Bones” of course!) Episode grade: B+

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Bones”? Leave us a comment in the box below with your thoughts. If you want a chance to see what’s coming up next time on “Bones” then head on over to the link here and check out our preview. (Photo: Fox)

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