‘Bones’ season 12, episode 4 review: Booth, Brennan face hard truths about Aldo Clemens

BonesOn the last episode of “Bones” we had a possible glimpse into the future of all of our couples as they talked about whether or not they want more children, to close up shop (Booth REALLY didn’t like talking about having a vasectomy and who could blame him) or the idea of adoption (which is a personal favorite of ours). The one thing that wasn’t touched on, but was brought up a few episodes ago was the idea that Brennan’s dad could be sick – hopefully we will get some more news on this soon.

If anyone can suck the fun out of a water park, it’s Brennan and after her very informative speech about the amount of fecal matter found in the water there, Booth was happy to send the kids off to the library instead and head out to work – and this is a case that unfortunately has Booth’s name written all over it.

When a body is found that has similar fracture in the ears that Booth also has (due to a bomb blast while he was serving), Brennan fears the worst. After putting the pieces back together she discovers that this is the body of Aldo Clemens, the Chaplin of Booth’s army unit and the man who married Booth and Brennan. With this being the last season of “Bones” we have been expecting to see a lot of familiar faces and so far we have not been let down. That being said we really didn’t want to see Aldo dead.

Booth hasn’t been in touch with Aldo for over a year and had no idea that things had spiraled as badly as they did for him as Aldo became a heavy drug user and lost his job. It brings up Booth’s memories of when he had problem of his own and how having Brennan in his corner helped him. This is only compounded when he went back to see some of the men from his unit that he hasn’t been in touch with who are really struggling since being back and some of them are resentful towards Booth because he not only moved past his problems, but landed in a perfect life with a beautiful wife and two wonderful children.

So did they find Aldo’s killer? After examining the facts Brennan feels that after being tortured by someone (who is still at large), he loosened the straps holding him down and smashed broke his own neck. Brennan calls it suicide, but Booth calls it a sacrifice. He tells Brennan that Booth had to shoot a warlord in 1995, killing him in front of his family and Aldo knew that he was the shooter. Booth thinks that Aldo killed himself so that he wouldn’t give up this information to anyone and that this person that tortured Aldo is looking for revenge on Booth.

This was a very emotional episode that had a heavy focus on Booth and while it was difficult to watch what he was going through (losing Aldo and seeing other members from his army unit coming down on him) we can’t help but enjoy these episodes. Booth reminds us in many ways of Don Draper from “Mad Men” in that he’s hard to read a lot of the time and doesn’t open up a lot about how he feels (except to Brennan of course), so when we have episodes like this we really appreciate them. It brings out a side of him that we don’t get to see often and it’s a side that we love. Episode grade: A-

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