‘Bones’ season 12, episode 1 review: Was Brennan able to prove Zack Addy’s innocence?

Bones Brennan and ZackWhen we last saw Brennan on “Bones” she was being held captive by a familiar face: Zack Addy. What does he want with her and is she actually in danger from him or is something else going on here? Tonight we are finally going to have some answers as the final season of our beloved “Bones” kicks off. We only have 12 episodes until the series finale, so we expect them to be packed with mystery, cameos and of course that Booth and Brennan chemistry that we live for.

Booth, Angela, Hodgins, Camille and the rest of the team are doing everything they can to find Brennan and after reviewing some of the tapes (along with a little scientific work from Hodgins), they realize that Zack has her captive in the Jeffersonian basement. When Booth finds Brennan and Zack, he tries to rescue her, but in a turn of events, Brennan protects Zack. He wants to inject himself with a truth serum to tell Brennan everything, so that she might be able to help him prove that he didn’t kill anyone. Did Zack get his chance?

Once Zack is arrested, Brennan shares with Booth that it may be possible that Zack is telling the truth, but Booth (and pretty much everyone else) thinks that Zack is guilty. Once Zack is in custody they find out that he’s been spying on everyone at the Jeffersonian (reading all of their emails), except for Booth saying that they are not friends – he was clearly unhappy that Booth married and had children with Brennan. Zack says that he thinks Brennan’s life is in danger and that he wants to help… and it seems that Brennan isn’t the only person Zack has been helping.

As it turns out Zack’s been pretending to be the doctor that Hodgins has been emailing with and has been helping Hodgins move towards walking again. Hodgins heads over to thank Zack for helping him gain some feeling in his legs (pain, but feeling just the same). Unfortunately Zack says that he doesn’t think the treatment will work, only a 1% chance. Zack mentions that hope is sometimes a great healer and it’s something that we have for Hodgins. We want to see him walk again before the series is over.

So was Brennan able to help prove Zack’s innocence? Yes she was! As it turns out the actual killer was Zack’s doctor – Dr. Roshan, who had enough intimate knowledge of Zack to frame him. Booth is able to get to Zack in time before Dr. Roshan had a chance to end Zack’s life. With this, Booth and Brennan are trying to help give Zack his freedom back.

This was a brilliant premiere – it had everything a “Bones” fan could want: Excitement, mystery, and familiar faces from the past. Having Zack back was a lot of fun! It was also wonderful to have a mention of Dr. Sweets since we’ve missed him since he left the show. What was a real kick in the heart was learning that Hodgins ended up losing all feeling in his legs again, but we still have hope! If this whole final season is like the premiere, then this is going to be one heck of a ride to the end! Episode grade: A-

What did you think of the “Bones” season 12 premiere? Leave us a comment in the box below and tell us if you think that Hodgins will walk again before the series finale. If you want to see a preview for what’s coming up on the next new episode of “Bones” then head on over to the link here and let us be your guide through this final season. (Photo: Fox)

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