CarterMatt Awards 2016 results: ‘Outlander’ takes home Show of the Year

Show of the Year -We’ve made it to New Year’s Eve, and with that, we’ve also made it to the final entry of the CarterMatt Awards for 2016. Before we get any further, let’s issue a massive THANK YOU to everyone who voted, given that there were hundreds of thousands of votes cast yet again — not only does this demonstrate the passion that you have for some of your favorite shows, but it also allows us to do more with this article series every year. We also can, of course, extend this thank-you to everyone in general who reads our articles and allows us to continue to do this job we love so much. It’s always something we’ll have eternal gratitude for this time of year.

Okay, enough waxing poetic — we know that there is one more category to get to in Show of the Year, and we’re thrilled to be bringing you now the results…

Outlander” is the winner for Show of the Year in 2016.

What often tends to happen in some of the voting data that we see is that a few shows tend to get really far out ahead, and they’ll continue to duke it out here and there until the window closes while some others shows remain in the distance. This time, “Outlander” had some opposition in the early going, but when the dust settled its win was extremely commanding with 61% of the vote. This is also the second award that the show received this year, as it also took home Best Fanbase a little bit earlier in the month.

If you were to determine why the show wins awards such as this one and many others, you have to start handing down credit by looking towards Diana Gabaldon, the author responsible for giving you this beautiful story in the first place. From there, you have to recognize people like Ronald D. Moore, Maril Davis, Matthew B. Roberts, and everyone working in production behind the scenes to deliver a strong creative and an authentic world; also, you look at wonderful performers like Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan, who bring the characters of Claire and Jamie to life. You also have to credit the folks at Starz, who took a chance on the series and continue to be incredibly supportive, renewing it for multiple seasons and promoting it even when it’s not on the air.

The show’s of the utmost quality, and it also has one of the most cohesive, passionate followings of any out there. In conclusion, this is a show that could be winning this award for many years to come.

Congrats one more time to “Outlander” fans! Bask in your victory on this fine New Year’s Eve, and here’s to hoping to a fantastic 2017.

If you want to see all of the other results from the CarterMatt Awards this year, head over to the link here. You can also share your thoughts on the show’s big win in the comments.

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