Kathy Griffin, Anderson Cooper preview New Year’s Eve CNN special, talk 2016 (video)

Can you believe that this weekend marks the tenth anniversary of Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin co-hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve together? Time flies when you’re laughing fun and/or being completely ridiculous.

In the video below from the network’s own “Anderson Cooper 360,” you can see the newsman and the comedienne discuss some of the early plans for this year’s special, which is going to start at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time and continue all of the way through until past midnight. We absolutely expect it to be loud, bold, and completely ridiculous — pretty much what we need to close out what has been for many a very rough year. Even if you take away politics, this is a year that has taken from us so many wonderful and notable people, and also one where much of the public discourse has turned negative and depressing.

If there was ever two people to help show us the light and the way to a better future, maybe it oddly is these two. It may as well be, right? At least it’ll be ridiculously funny. We love everything about this show, whether it be the constant trolling on Griffin’s part, the remotes that focus on the awkward / goofy New Year’s Eve traditions around the country, and Don Lemon seemingly getting tipsy on live television while Brooke Baldwin tries to pick up the pieces. (Dear Don Lemon — drink for all of us this year! You deserve it after 2016.)

Kathy’s in particular notorious for some of the pranks that she’s pulled on Anderson during the broadcast over the years. She’s spray-tanned his face, handcuffed herself to him, stripped down during the middle of the show, and also dyed parts of his hair. Somehow, the show always manages to get back from the edge just in time to see the ball drop in Times Square.

As you would expect, we’ll be back around — probably with wine in hand — to cover all of the madness tomorrow night. Here’s to a great show, and a Happy Early New Year!

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