‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ spotlight: Is Kyle Richards in a great spot to win it all?

Kyle -

It’s become a tradition over time for NBC to cast several “Real Housewives” stars on a given season of “The Celebrity Apprentice,” and with that, it’s hardly a surprise to see Kyle Richards on this season. Yet, at the same time, we may have more confidence in her abilities to do well this season than almost anyone else in the entire cast. She’s incredibly smart, incredibly skilled, and also is playing on her home turf.

While there are no guarantees that she has this in the bag, we’re ready to make the case in the spotlight below that she has as good of a shot moving forward as almost anyone.

Claim to Fame – Former child star and “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” cast member, who has been a part of every season of the show. She’s also a member of the Hilton family, easily one of the most famous in the entire world when it comes to mixing business and celebrity.

Charity Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. You don’t have to say much to know how valuable a charity this is.

Strengths – During the early days of the competition, fundraising ability is one of the most important attributes of doing well on this show. Kyle may have higher potential for this than anyone given that she and her husband are extremely well-connected across all of Los Angeles, she has her co-stars, and she also has her famous family. If there is someone with money and a generous heart in Los Angeles, Kyle probably has their phone number.

We know that Kyle can also stand her ground in tense situations, she’s able to make fun of herself if need be, and also has a strong business mind. Just look at how some of her boutiques are doing! On paper, she’s someone who has everything that you would want in a contender to do very well on this show.

Weaknesses – The biggest thing she will have to overcome is the perception of her as a reality star, since there is some inherent disrespect that sometimes is handed down as a result of that. She needs to come into this season from a place of authority and show the other players that she should be respected. If she can win several of her cast members over early, that should help her if a conflict arises.

Prediction – Kyle suggests in the video below that she’s concerned about the other women, and that is probably the one thing that could trip her up on her way to the end — if she plays the game hard, it both helps and hurts her case. It gives her a better argument in the finale, but we could see some other people in the cast doing everything they can to get rid of her along the way. She’s absolutely someone to watch this season and a possible winner threat, but it’s not going to be easy for her along the way.

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