‘The Real World Seattle: Bad Blood’ episode 11 review: Tyara’s decision; Peter’s confrontations

Real World -Who knew that “The Real World Seattle: Bad Blood” was going to be a season so defined by all of the departures? Earlier this season, we had that when Mike made the decision to leave rather than deal with what he felt was a perception of him as a racist due to some of his comments — then, we had Theo being kicked off the show after getting into a physical altercation with Kassius.

So what happened on tonight’s new episode? Well, they didn’t waste a whole lot of time before getting us to the next major order of business: The departure of Tyara, one of the most important people on this season. After discovering that she was pregnant and visiting the doctor, she made the decision to leave the house without telling many of her housemates what was going on. We don’t blame her for that, but it did make for a rather abrupt departure.

As if this wasn’t uncomfortable enough… – Let’s now move to the other main event of the night, and that was Peter going completely off the handle at Jenn over what was effectively something fairly innocent, and then going off even more at Anna and Katrina. Remember when the whole source of Peter’s previously breakup seemed to be the two sisters wanting to spend more time with each other?

We do understand that Anna and Katrina do at this point like to needle him while claiming in confessionals that they have nothing against him, but at the same time, it’s hard to side with Peter after he completely berated Jenn and then had to be at one point held back before making the decision to work? Nothing that happened here was that bad at the time of the argument to justify his outburst. We’re not going to tell Jenn how to live her life, but if we were in her shoes we would strongly consider whether or not this is the sort of relationship we’d want to explore after the show. The guy’s super-controlling, and this is how he’s acting with cameras around.

Family time – Anna and Katrina’s mother eventually showed up to serve as a bit of a distraction, but we’re not sure how much of that it managed to be since they were basically left to deal with some other family issues. We basically think of this whole conversation as just a small blip on the radar given that there was so much other stuff that was going on in the episode.

Confrontation #2 – Basically, this was Peter’s master plan blowing up in his face. Jenn told him that she wanted to handle the situation herself, so what did he decide to do? Go and talk to the sisters! Basically, this was Peter’s M.O. once again of trying to control the situation, and she this time Jenn blew up on him for completely disrespecting her and not listening to anything that she had to say.

This doesn’t mean that everything was great between her and the sisters, though, as she then went back at them over Anna looking up verbal abuse and leaving the search results up — which is the sort of action that tends to get her and her sister in trouble since it makes them look like they’re intentionally needling the two of them, especially given Anna’s own history with Peter.

Ultimately, this all was ugly. There’s no other way to say it. To think, Jenn and Peter didn’t even know each other weeks ago.

Final take – It’s crazy that there are so many people on this show that are barely getting any airtime. You could’ve convinced us tonight that Jenn, Peter, the sisters, and Tyara were the only people on the show for the most part. We cannot decide whether this was really entertaining or really uncomfortable to watch. Grade: B-.

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