‘The Bachelor’ spotlight: Will Lauren Hussey be one of Nick Viall’s better matches?

Let’s be honest: It’s insanely hard to play matchmaker for a show like “The Bachelor” based solely on internet bios. Yet, at the same time there’s a lot about Lauren Hussey that makes us think that she could be the second straight Lauren to win this show. (Remember when there were like four Laurens last season and it was easy to get confused?)

Below, we’re going to map out what she brings to the table, especially in relation to a guy like Nick and what he is supposedly looking for.

Age – 30. Given that Nick’s had so much experience with this franchise, we like the idea of him with someone who has some life experience under her belt. This doesn’t necessarily mean that she has to be close to his age, but on paper it makes sense.

Occupation – Law school graduate, as per her bio. We don’t quite know what exactly this means, but she is involved with the Naples’ Shelter for Abused Women and Children, which is a sign that she does care deeply about helping others. This is a quality that many Bachelors are looking for, and we do think it helps people on the season since it shows that they are used to being giving and not necessarily being the center of attention.

Location – Naples, Florida. Whether or not she is willing to relocate could be a big deal-breaker in her relationship with Nick, given that distance seemed to be one of the reasons why he had some hesitation with Jen Saviano on “Bachelor in Paradise.” (Jen is also from Florida.)

Things to know – We like her bio because it feels like she’s embracing “the process” (yea, we did just call it that), but at the same time it doesn’t feel like she’s necessarily burying her head in the sand and acting like she is unaware of what this competition is. She’s got the right perspective, we like that she’s looking ahead to her future (she wants a quiet life with lots of family out in the country), and many of her answers feel personal. For example, here are the five things she can’t live without: “My super soft vintage Hall & Oates t-shirt, chapstick, my family, sushi, music.”

Here’s the negative: If she could be any animal, she’d be a dolphin. Why does everyone want to be a dolphin? Okay, there are a few exceptions to the rule this season, but one of them is Alexis … who wants to train dolphins. This season may be the most popular one for dolphins ever.

How is she actually going to do? – There are so many variables that go into “The Bachelor” that it is almost impossible to forget — it’s possible that something happens on the first night and these two don’t have chemistry. Yet, we like the fact that Lauren’s well-educated and seems to have the right attitude. She’s someone we can see Nick with, which is more than we can say for about 50% of the people cast on this season.

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