‘The Bachelor’ spotlight: Meet Lacey Mark, New Yorker and Nick Viall contender

Lacey -In an earlier article on “The Bachelor,” we praised the show especially for casting a wide array of people from different parts of the country. Now that we’re talking about contestant Lacey Mark, we’re getting set to do so once again. We’ve got one of our first pure New Yorkers on the list … at least in terms of where she lives now. She has a different vibe than some of the other contestants this season, and that does make her interesting. As for whether it’s interesting enough for her to last for a long time this season, the jury is still out on that.

As we mention often, there are no spoilers moving forward into this article. Read with confidence!

Age – 25. Pretty close to the same age as many of Nick’s women this season.

Occupation – Digital marketing manager. Based on what we’ve been able to gather online, Lacey helps to run and coordinate social media accounts and campaigns. It’s the sort of job that really didn’t exist until a decade or so ago when these forms of marketing started to rise up. This also means that she’s likely internet-savvy and no matter how well she does this season, she will probably make it pretty far after the show if she wants to keep up some of the instant fame that comes with this show.

Location – Manhattan. Many of Nick’s ties to big cities are with Chicago and Los Angeles, but he’s certainly familiar with the Big Apple.

Things to know – She’s incredibly smart — she graduated college with a double degree, knows Arabic, and she is in some ways rather conservative when it comes to her family. After all, she says that she has never brought anyone home to meet her family. She also loves Shakespeare, “Harry Potter,” and “Dancing with the Stars” — hey, if she somehow becomes “The Bachelorette,” she may be able to leverage being on this show to twirling around on the stage of “Dancing with the Stars”. It’s happened before…

How is she actually going to do? – Lacey is one of the more interesting contestants this season based on location, and we do think that there is something Nick will find appealing about her personality-wise given that she comes from a different walk of life than some of the other people this season. We can see her doing very well, even if we don’t know too much about her. The big question that we wonder is just how vulnerable she’s going to be willing to be given that we don’t get a great sense of her being that open in her bio online.

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