‘The Bachelor’ spotlight: Meet Kristina Schulman, dental hygienist and ‘designer’

Kristina -While we’re not going to go into this “Bachelor” spotlight article proclaiming that we know a whole lot about Kristina Schulman, we will say that the vast majority of what we know about her at the moment is information that could make her an interesting contestant this season — provided she makes it far enough. She seems refreshingly normal, has an interesting story, and also probably best of all actually gave some interesting answers in her bio — her favorite show is “Ninja Warrior” (not “Scandal,” which seemed to be a consensus pick of many others), and that’s a good a start.

As with all of the other spotlights we create here at the site, rest assured that there are no spoilers ahead. Now, read on for more!

Age – 24. She’s on the younger side of the contenders for Nick Viall’s heart this season, but with her life experience she may come across as a little more mature for her age.

Occupation – Dental hygienist. As we alluded to earlier, normal. This is a pretty standard job, and it makes us believe that she’s one of the people who could have applied for the show rather than being recruited because someone saw a modeling page somewhere.

Location – Lexington, Kentucky. While there are a ton of people from California on this season, we’ll give casting credit for finding people from almost everywhere in the country. We’ve already spotlighted people from the east coast, the midwest, the northeast, and also the South. We’ve had contestants from Kentucky go fairly far on the show before, so maybe that’s a good omen for Kristina.

Things to know – She was adopted at an extremely early age, and she credits her parents in particular for being there for her and helping her get off to a great start in life. She is reflective about her past, given how she said the following when asked if she could be one other person for a day: “My biological mother. I’d like to know what she was going through when I was young and if choosing alcohol over kids was worth it.”

On a more lighthearted matter, Fiona from “Shrek” is one of her favorite fictional characters, which we find fun just because that’s probably not an answer anyone else from this season is going to give to that question. Also, she claims that she “makes her own” outfits if she cannot find one that she likes to go out. We’re not sure what the full extent of this means, but if being on “The Bachelor” doesn’t work out maybe “Project Runway” is next!

How is she actually going to do? – That’s a big question mark to us, given that this could all depend on whether or not Kristina finds a way to make a splash the first night. She’s not someone who’s probably used to cameras or any sort of television environment, and there are women more than likely prepared for this better than she is. We could see her getting nervous and clamming up. We don’t necessarily see her winning the show just because we think she’s probably in a different place of her life than Nick is, but we could see her sticking around for several weeks.

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