‘The Real World Seattle: Bad Blood’ episode 11 video: Animosity between Peter, Jenn

Real World -Remember when things were so rosy and sweet between Peter and Jenn on “The Real World Seattle: Bad Blood“? Well, at the moment this seems like forever ago, because now it’s just heaps of chaos.

On the last new episode of the show, we saw Peter lash out at his new girlfriend after she was dancing at a party in a way that he found to be overly provocative. In the sneak peek below, what you see is him getting angry at her over spending too much time with Anna and Katrina, two people he feels are almost sworn enemies of his at the moment over a previous relationship in the house. He gets really angry and aggressive when something happens that he doesn’t like, which in turn only makes her want to shut down and get away from him.

This sort of back-and-forth is a troubling sign early on in their relationship, mostly because it is suggesting that the two have a problem that won’t get better over time because it is more of a compatibility thing. Without that it’s hard to have a strong foundation for a long lasting relationship.

Remember how we saw a little bit earlier in the season Anna and Katrina attend counseling in hopes that they could patch up their relationship so that they were on a little bit better terms? We almost wish Peter could do the same thing on the show. It seems like there are elements of a nice person in him, and someone who wants to care for Jenn and many other people who are around him. Unfortunately, these good qualities are overshadowed by him coming across at times as controlling. We feel like if he were to let some things go a little bit easier, maybe this relationship, and all of them for that matter, would probably go a little bit easier for him.

If you do want to get some additional news when it comes to “The Real World,” just be sure to head over to the link here right now! Rest assured, we’ll be back a little bit later this week with more from this episode, including our full review of it and a take on what could be coming up next. In the mean time, leave us a comment in the box below and tell us if you think that Peter and Jenn have what it takes to go the distance in their relationship. (Photo: MTV.)

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