‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ spotlight: Could Boy George be a big winner?

Boy George -

The new season of “The Celebrity Apprentice” is premiering on NBC in the new year, and with that, we’re continuing our tradition of spotlighting all of the contestants leading up to it. We’ve got three profiles done so far, and today we’re diving in further to discuss someone we’re sure is going to be incredibly entertaining in Boy George.

We know that George is going to bring it as a personality this season, but can he win? That’s the question that we’ve got to try and figure out over the course of this article.

Claim to Fame – Culture Club singer, known for a wide array of hits including “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me,” “Karma Chameleon,” and many other hits. He’s also had a successful solo career, and is considered an icon in terms of style and influence. In recent years we’ve also seen him on other reality shows — he was a coach on the British version of “The Voice,” and he’s going to be appearing on the Australian version for this coming season.

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Strengths – George (his real name is George Alan O’Dowd) is exceptionally creative. He’s reinvented parts of his style and music several times over the course of his career, and knows ironically how to be a chameleon himself. What’s effective about that through the lens of this competition is that he could change things up on a weekly basis depending on whatever sort of task he is faced with. There are going to be times when he can take charge, and times where he can chip in as more of a contributor. We also have to assume that after many decades in the music industry, he knows people who can give money. He’s also got some Los Angeles connections, given what we’ve seen from him on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” this season. (Ironically, one of the stars of that show in Kyle Richards is on this season, so they may be both dipping into that financial pool.)

George also has it going for him that he’s easily recognizable. Put him out on the street, and people are going to inevitably know who he is. That’s helpful for any money raising task.

Weaknesses – The big issue that we could see George having on this show is that he is such a creative force that we could see him being a very high-risk, high-reward sort of player. If he was to appear on this show fifty times (god help anyone who does that), we could see him winning a good ten or fifteen times; however, we could also see him going home early in ten or fifteen other scenarios. There are a lot of contestants this season destined to finish in the middle of the pack, and we think he’s going to take risks that will either pay off big, or blow up dramatically in his face.

Prediction – Right now we’re leaning towards George doing well and maybe being a winner threat, just because we know how savvy he is — also, he’s such a fighter that we think he’s going to take this seriously and fight hard to win it. We also just love the idea of he and Arnold Schwarzenegger chatting it up just because on paper they’re such an odd-couple pairing.

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