Fox News interview with Tucker Carlson, Lauren Duca of Teen Vogue goes viral

Tucker Carlson -Sure, it’s Christmas Eve — but it’s also 2016. it wouldn’t be 2016 without some sort of controversy related to politics and the methods in which we use to communicate with each other. It’s become a nasty, nasty culture, one where nobody can agree on anything.

It’s with that in mind that it’s interesting how an interview between Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Lauren Duca, a writer for Teen Vogue and other publications, has become so divided in terms of reactions. There are many fans of Carlson’s and his show that have come out and said that this is, to use a “Mortal Kombat” analogy, a flawless victory. However, those opposing Carlson and the network he’s a part of feel as though Duca held her own and made him look incredibly pompous and entitled.

After watching the segment, the main question that we have is why in the world Carlson’s producers thought that this was going to turn out any differently. Luca wrote a piece entitled “Donald Trump is Gaslighting America” (check it out here), and came on the show to discuss the recent incident between Trump’s daughter Ivanka and a pair of passengers on a JetBlue aircraft who berated her for some of her father’s actions. She agreed that these two men should not have done what they did, but argued that she is not immune from criticism because of the support she’s offered from her father.

From here, things got rough. We’re not a political site and don’t want to get too much into whose arguments within the interview were the strongest, given that both passionately believe in what they stand for and we wouldn’t change any minds by what we say here — yet, we do think that Carlson suggesting that she “should stick to the thigh-high boots,” a reference to her work elsewhere with the publication, was an unnecessary and degrading way to end this that lost him a lot of goodwill. It felt as though he wanted to bring her down in order to make himself feel better, which damages strongly the validity of anything he said beforehand. Would he criticize a sports reporter who wrote an article about Syria, telling him to “stick to guys tackling each other”? We don’t think so. The implication in his statement is clear.

What’s your take on this interview? Share now in the comments. (Photo: Fox News.)

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