On the ‘Survivor: Game Changers’ cast, alternate universes, and holiday gifts

Game Changers -Before we dive into to this article, Merry Christmas Eve and Happy Hanukkah! It’s not often that we can celebrate both occasions on the same day. While you spend a little bit of time with your family and loved ones, we’ve got for you a fun little article all about what some of the players from “Survivor: Game Changers” would want under their tree this year — or, at the very least, what they would want if they were going out to film this season come December 26 rather than earlier this year.

Note that we’re only talking about the people confirmed by CBS so far — maybe we’ll go back and do this with some of the other players moving forward, but we’re probably not going to put the same sort of holiday packaging around it.

Michaela Bradshaw – Clearly, she needs the gift of some sort of elaborate disguise since everyone thinks that she’s such a threat as-is. Maybe the gift of restraint? The problem is that it’s hard to hide sometimes your ability out there. At least she’ll be surrounded by threats this time.

Ozzy Lusth – He really needs a couple of self-help books about how to legitimately make friends. We know he’s a challenge beast, but everyone knows he’s a challenge beast. After “South Pacific” nobody’s letting him get near the end unless he bonds with people along the way.

Sandra Diaz-Twine – We’re gift-wrapping her an immunity idol, since we feel like the Queen’s going to need it. It was one thing winning “Heroes vs. Villains,” when there were other people out there who’d won the game. Now, she’s the only two-time winner and ten times the threat.

Tony Vlachos – A new spy shack that’s similar to the Hatch from “Lost.” He’s going to need something that elaborate now that people know what to look for!

Ciera – A book on hypnosis so that she can hypnotize Jeff Probst to stop talking about her voting out her mom. This is Ciera’s ultimate double-edged sword; she guaranteed herself an all-star berth in doing that, but at the same time made herself seem far more ruthless for a move she technically didn’t need to make.

Tai Trang – Three or four chicken mascots. Given how hardcore these players are, he’ll need to work overtime to endear himself to them.

Cirie Fields – Probably just a tall glass of wine to sit back, relax, and enjoy the chaos of the early portion of the game. Given that she went out early the last time she played, she may be over to stay under-the-radar if she takes it easy early.

Caleb Reynolds – A new belt buckle with CMC on it for “Chill Mode Cowboy.” We know the guy’s earned his beast-mode moniker, but going into beast mode nearly killed him last time. If he just relaxes, there’s no reason to target him until after the jury.

What would you give some of these players for the holidays? Share below, and head over here to get some other “Survivor” news and updates! (Photo: CBS.)

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